Using AI to understand what customers really think and feel about your brand

Using AI to understand what customers really think and feel about your brand

In marketing, probably not a day goes by that you wouldn’t benefit from knowing what people really think of your brand; or understanding why competitors are stealing market share. Or perhaps you need to get a richer picture of where the white space is in your sector.

The problem is that doing any of these things is hard, expensive and typically requires expert help – professional research and the sort of qualitative data analysis skills that reside in specialist insight and research agencies.

One company, however is putting an AI-powered data analytics tool into the hands of marketers.

The company is called Signoi (a play on signals from noise) and it gives marketers of any flavour (social, digital, brand and content) a way of analysing online conversations and other unstructured data such as text and importantly images from news flow­­­, social media, online reviews, surveys, websites and documents to understand ‘meaning’.

By analysing data in any sector, we can answer relevant questions about the way customers, service users, staff, stakeholders really think and feel – and identify the main themes, topics, sentiment and emotion in the data to provide insights via easy to understand charts and dashboards.

What does this mean for marketing?

The tool automates the methods and insights of semioticians. Semiotics is the discipline of teasing meaning from signs and symbols. This has always been skilled, time-consuming and expensive work – accessible only to wealthy corporates.

But now the goldmine of insights that come from qualitative data, text and images can be unlocked at speed, and at scale – offering rich information about customers, industries, competitors and emerging trends and white space for new products and markets.

Isn’t this just social listening?

No. There is already a proliferation of platforms devoted to scouring the Internet for brand sentiment. But scarce are the platforms that can perform thematic or topic analysis at speed and scale and of course those that can have a price tag far too hefty for the average marketer. And yet if you are able to quickly understand what your

Clare Warren

brand is really saying to a market and assess what it hears, the possibilities for commercial advantage are huge.

Marketers can also perform qualitative ‘image’ analysis. This is a really significant development as, to date, existing tools can only hear tags and hashtags on Instagram – they can’t perform any meaningful analysis on the images.

Imagine being able to analyse the images on yours and your competitor’s business pages to understand what your imagery is really saying to your audience – what signals, explicit or implicit, are your images giving off, do they align with your values, how do they compare to your competitors and what might you need to change?

Currently Signoi’s service comes via its proprietary AI-driven analytics platform while it builds its SaaS platform. Meanwhile, if you have a project you want to undertake, whether that’s analysing tweets; reviews; Instagram images, news, documents - any and all unstructured data, then you can access their managed service for around £3,000 per project.