Tricks for delivering returns for your brand, with less, using the data you already own

Tricks for delivering returns for your brand, with less, using the data you already own

As businesses navigate this unusual year, a modern approach to brand building is needed in order to build a successful brand and deliver returns, with less. This approach is about using the wealth of information already owned by your brand, more efficiently and to greater impact.

Learn from customers in real time

Current consumer behaviours explicitly show the need for a clear, personal and responsive relationship with the brands they use. Providing a brilliant opportunity for your brand to deliver genuine value to customers and boost its reputation simultaneously. To do this successfully, you need to listen to and learn from your customers behaviours, in real-time.

Taking a progressive and modern approach to using your business’ data will enable you to create genuinely customer centred products and services that are responsive to changing behaviours and emerging needs, also encourages long-term loyalty. To do this, it’s important to tackle the disparity between your processes, people and platforms.

Discover customers’ true needs and motivations

In his 2020 CX report, John Meada explains the tension at the heart of brand building today by highlighting the difference of pace between improving marketing (fast) and improving products and services (slow).

Modern brand building manages and utilises this tension; unearthing ideas and efficiencies to improve both parts of your business, more quickly.

For example, understanding the data created by customers as they use your products and services will help you understand how to exceed people’s expectations and what your point of difference is against your competition, and listening to your marketing data will ensure your products and services respond to people’s needs and motivations.

Boost your reputation with data-driven empathy

With limited budgets, pooling data from marketing and customer experience will provide a wealth of usable data without spending limited budgets on research. This will enable you to embrace data-driven empathy, creating trust as you respond to your prospects’ and customers’ behaviours to build one-to-one, on-demand relationships. Embracing empathy in this way will also empower you to unlock powerful stories that amplify the best of your brand experience; an invaluable tool that can help you strengthen your reputation and build your brand.

For example, product and service usage will help the CMO to unearth the ‘raw’ stories that highlight where the brand’s reputation is strong which should direct where to emphasise marketing storytelling and can also be repurposed to create powerful content.

A simple example of this is Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’ campaign; usage data over the decade provided limitless fuel for bold and nostalgic marketing stories while highlighting substantial growth in its podcast product.

Align your organisation

Addressing your platforms to achieve a modern brand building approach means addressing any disparity and misalignment across your teams. While covid-19 has proven to be a catalyst of digital transformation, it has also made it apparent that it is possible for all brands to identify and buy the relevant technology needed.

What modern brand building recognises is the speed which progressive brands ensure their technology (and teams) are all working with, rather than against, each other. After all, for most brands digital transformation is driven by their customers moving faster than they are able to. If your organisation isn’t aligned, it creates a data challenge for the data you have, the data you use, and what you learn from it.