Top marketers reveal ‘to-do lists' for better marketing performance in 2022

Top marketers reveal ‘to-do lists' for better marketing performance in 2022

With 2022 just around the corner and with new marketing plans being hatched across the industry, we asked a group of senior marketers to outline plans to improve marketing performance next year.

Chris Fiorillo, Chief Marketing Officer, Infosys Consulting

“Number one: Think Big! To make an impact, I’ve already challenged my team to think big and bold and out of the box, on a new idea, campaign or sales programme that can elevate our brand in the new year. A day in the life of a marketer often gets drawn into ‘keeping the machine running’ and keeping stakeholders happy. We often get mired in the tactics and lose precious time to think creatively around a new concept. This is task one for us – think big! If we do, and can hone it on the right platform, I am convinced our performance will be elevated.

“Number two: Take a partnering approach – Sometimes it’s hard to scale alone. Achieving critical mass, or reaching the next horizon of impact and growth is best aligned around a strategic partner, be it a product that opens new markets, a research programme with, say, a university, a technology with a provider that complements service offerings. To elevate performance it’s my goal to find a great partner to work with in ’22 that has complementing goals and can help us reach new levels of scale in the market.

“Number three: Deep drive into customer data. Certainly not a new theme, there are always new ways to procure and analyze customer data, to do better and more relevant marketing. Whether to achieve better customer profiling, or to have more targeted campaigns leveraging a data-driven backbone, our goal in ’22 is to go a level deeper to see how we can procure more insights from buyers and use this enhanced knowledge to our advantage.”

Caroline Bright, Senior VP Marketing, Ricoh Europe

“The strategic aspects and impact of marketing have been overlooked for far too long. They have also been vastly underappreciated by the broader business world.

“In many places the mindset – perhaps stigma – remains that marketeers are the masters of the glossy and grabbing corporate brochure but little else. Yes, engaging and powerful content creation will always be a vitally important part of the marketing production machine. But it’s high time marketing got credit for the strategic role it plays in business success – particularly that with a direct link to the top line.

“My prediction – and certainly my hope – for 2022 is that marketing is finally recognised as the guardian of business strategy. Overcoming the strategic challenges businesses face, harnessing the opportunities brought about by trends – micro and macro, and tackling commercial issues can only be done with a high performing marketing function. Never has this been truer, as businesses of all shapes and sizes battle significant market headwinds.

“Make no mistake, marketing will be the dependable steer needed to help future-proof and move the business forward – throughout 2022 and beyond.”

Jim Hawker, Co-Founder, Threepipe

“One of the most common conversations we are having as we go into 2022 is how we can help clients organise their data.

“Whether it’s the loss of Facebook data through the latest Apple iOS update or the impending removal of third party Google cookies at the end of next year, what is clear is that brands need to reset the way in which they collect and use data.

“There is no silver bullet here and there is no standard ‘off the shelf’ approach that can be bought and which will become an industry standard way of doing things. It will require brands to get confident in building out their own measurement frameworks and to get confident in defining what is possible in terms of data collection and how that will be interpreted in terms of building out their own reliable source of truth.

“Our data science team will undoubtedly be one of our busiest teams next year. They are in the middle of transitioning lots of clients to the more sophisticated GA4 analytics platform from Google as well as building out bespoke marketing mix models, which will help them to better predict the impact of their marketing spend across the branding and performance channels.

“There was a sigh of relief when Google pushed back the removal of its cookies to 2023 because brands had not adequately prepared themselves for this big moment. However, they now have time in 2022 to get their house in order and create a strategy which will allow them to respond to these seismic changes in digital advertising.”

Giles Peddy, Chief Executive Officer, Missive

“The pandemic’s requirement for clear communication and trust in brands, as well as fundamental changes in technology and digital reshaping marketing, requires a rebalance in spend. Marketers must better balance short-term, tactical sales activation with mid-to-long-term strategic growth and brand marketing.

“Second, let your reset mindset influence your content. In 2022, content will need to be bolder to cut through the noise. The pandemic sparked an increase in poor quality content flooding digital channels. However, B2B decision-makers still believe that content plays a fundamental role in the buying journey. If you are facing this dilemma, press the reset button. To make your brand standout, be confident and brave. Remember that in marketing, money is made from memories.

“Finally, arm yourself and your team with tools and tactics that support real-time, well-informed decisions. Use these to review the impact of your marketing channels and continually evolve. Too many marketers remain static and rigid in approach. Don’t be worried about failing. Keep trying new content, channels and ideas. I encourage you to adopt a growth mindset – be brave, be bold and here’s to a successful 2022.”