The next 10 brands in the Innovation 50 list show how innovative marketing shapes a diverse range of sectors

The next 10 brands in the Innovation 50 list show how innovative marketing shapes a diverse range of sectors

Were business leaders in any doubt about the role marketing will play in rebuilding business growth during the recovery, they need look no further than the second tranche of 10 brands in The Innovation 50 list.

Each brand has been selected by the industry as an exemplar of innovative marketing. In every instance, marketing has been used to establish a differentiated brand, drive growth or solve a problem for citizens across a vast range of industries and sectors.

Here's a reminder of the previous 10 brands to make the Innovation 50.

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The Just.Marketing Innovation 50 power list

11. Burger King

12. Greggs

13. LADbible Group

14. Mailchimp

15. Nike

16. Patagonia

17. Spotify

18. Taiwan Blood Center

19. Under Armour

20. Virgin Galactic

In this group, there are: two food brands, two sports and outdoor apparel brands, a music platform, an entertainment platform, an email marketing platform, a space travel company and a hospital.

Burger King has defined itself as a constant challenger brand with a strongly provocative approach to its positioning. On the other hand, marketing for high street bakery Greggs has been about embracing its cult status and talking to its customers the right way every time by making sure it knows exactly what they want.

Meanwhile, social content brand LADbible Group has been lauded for two of its cause-related campaigns that, apart from being a surprising choice, have gone on to redefine what LADbible is about and what it can achieve with its global, social reach.

In the B2B space, email marketing platform Mailchimp has been chosen for its ability to express empathy for its business-owner customers – who may or may not understand email marketing or CRM but are made to feel comfortable by the humanity of the brand created by its marketing approach.

Few will be surprised to see Nike in the list. Innovative, controversial, authentic and powerful, the sports brand has done it all over the years and continues to lead, sway and shape culture today.

Then again, Patagonia caused few surprises either. This upmarket, environmentally-conscious brand has set the standard in purpose-driven marketing for years – even to the extent of being ‘anti-marketing’ at times.

Music platform Spotify has mastered the art of holding a mirror up to the many weird and wonderful ways in which we consume music in its marketing, said one industry commentator. And it is this approach that has allowed it to carve a distinctive place in our lives.

Unlike any other nominee on the list, Taiwan Blood Center’s marketing has saved lives. It does so by integrating an app into a popular parking app that makes it easy for blood donors in Taiwan to know when certain blood types are running low and indicating the nearest donation centre.

Sports apparel challenger brand Under Armour is better known in the US than the UK. But its grassroots, word of mouth marketing approach in the US shows how a small company can reach the US$1 billion league even on a tight budget through marketing.

And in the 20th slot, Virgin Galactic has been a master of keeping the era of passenger space travel in our minds – and those of investors – even though founder Richard Branson is still waiting to take his first suborbital flight.

This is the second group of 10 brands in The Innovation 50 list. Over coming months, we will reveal the next 10 nominations.