The Innovation 50: The Real Review puts beauty brand Yves Rocher’s sustainability message on the map

The Innovation 50: The Real Review puts beauty brand Yves Rocher’s sustainability message on the map

Brands are not known for trashing the reputation of their own sector. For the brave that see the marketing benefits of distancing themselves from a bad practice, however, it can be a master stroke.

That was the case for Yves Rocher, a beauty brand that in 2020 wanted to highlight how its own industry had plundered nature for ingredients, created waste with its packaging and devastated the natural environment in a number of ways with chemical inputs – all in the name of beauty.

For some, the brand had arguably always been on a sustainability journey. It was founded in 1959 as a botanicals cosmetics company and has continued all the way up to its stated mission in 2010 of connecting men and women to nature.

But although in 2017, the entire beauty and cosmetics sector signed up to commitments that aim to ensure the sustainability of the entire beauty supply chain, the brand decided that this was simply not enough.

It wanted to demonstrate how on one hand it was going further than this commitment and on the other how its industry was simply not doing enough. To get its message across, the brand decided to launch the film below in Thailand (‘The Real Review’ created by Choojai & Friends, Thailand).

It was part of a campaign that included working with a high-profile beauty blogger and influencer. The campaign saw her review not just how long a lipstick lasts or comparing the lustre in different blushers. It highlighted how the environment is harmed by beauty products by standing on an enormous mountain of rubbish and next to a canal polluted by waste and sewage.

And it was this award-winning, graphic campaign that inspired Meera Sharath Chandra, Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of creative agency Tigress Tigress to nominate the company to The Innovation 50 list.

Meera says, “Yves Rocher’s The Real Review is a visual demonstration of how our planet has given up its beauty for us. Well-known influencers in Thailand, were shot candid in the midst of a multitude of environmental issues – in a stark juxtaposition of cosmetic usage and environmental waste.

“While they explain the harmless properties of the beauty brand – no silicone, no mineral oil, no paraben, no animal testing, no GMOs, recyclable packaging, vegan, biodegradable and sustainable – they also leave us with a powerful question. What if we can be beautiful but let our world remain beautiful too?”

For its courage, authenticity and the way it was conveyed, The Real Review puts beauty brand Yves Rocher into The Innovation 50.