The Innovation 50: Mutts4Trucks delivers a win-win for a dog food and diesel brand collaboration

The Innovation 50: Mutts4Trucks delivers a win-win for a dog food and diesel brand collaboration

Who do they say is man’s best friend? While most of us can answer that, few of us would guess how lonely life must be for truck drivers. And even fewer would think to bring truck drivers and dogs together for an extraordinary marketing campaign that benefits all involved.

In the USA, truck drivers can cover 3,000 miles a week and are part of the backbone of the national economy. They haul over 70 percent of the nation’s freight. That means that, on average, they spend 240 nights a year away from home – and many of them have families they hardly see. A third say this isolation negatively affects their mental health.

In 2019, BBDO New York challenged two well-known brands – fuel company Mobil Delvac and dog food brand Pedigree – to create a first of its kind partnership dubbed ‘Mutts4Trucks’.

Ground-breaking insight

The key insight: truck drivers are lonely and just 25 per cent of men and 20 per cent of women truck drivers exercise at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week. They are twice as likely therefore to be obese. This means they suffer from conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea at much higher rates than the average US worker.

Dogs offer companionship for life. And yet there are 3.3 million dogs in the USA living in shelters, unable to find a loving home.

So both brands came together to bring the trucker community and homeless dogs together for dog adoption events.

Societal benefits

Tigress Tigress Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer Meera Sharath Chandra, has nominated this highly original initiative to The Innovation 50 for the way two brands have creatively delivered a genuine benefit to both lonely truckers and homeless dogs.

Meera says, “Mobil Delvac and Pedigree’s Mutts4Trucks is a fabulous way to tackle issues faced by truckers and to find loving owners for dogs – all in one fell swoop. While truckers need a way to handle the lonely road ahead, to feel safe and live a more balanced healthy life, dogs need caring owners to get them out of shelters and into a free and open world.

“Two brands came together to make this connection possible – because ‘good can change everything’ and rare friendships can be just the solution,” says Meera.

Chris Grabowski, Creative Director, Cirkle, although not specifically highlighting Mutts4Trucks, also nominated Mars Pedigree in the UK to The Innovation 50.

“They have done some incredible campaigns over the years. From the Child Replacement Program, SelfieSTIX to Adopt a Dog Channel. They just bring to life the love and joy of pets and I don't even an own a pet and I still get it,” he says.

Back in the USA, adopting a dog for most truckers has delivered not just companionship on the long days and nights on the road but also other health benefits. The results included a positive impact on overall truck driver health.

The initiative has also put both brands in a strongly positive light.