MARTECH: Does the Kindred for Business SDK offer a loyalty solution for branded apps?

MARTECH: Does the Kindred for Business SDK offer a loyalty solution for branded apps?

Around 50,000 retailers globally use the Kindred for Business SDK. Why? It has traditionally been very hard for brands to interact with their users outside of their own apps. Once users close the app, the brand is no longer visible unless they nudge them with notifications, which are annoying and easily ignored.

Kindred says it provides app publishers with a new loyalty solution, helping them to engage and reward users while they shop online through white-labelled browser and keyboard extensions. It does this by delivering offers and coupons to customers as they shop online using their mobile browser.

Kindred takes a commission on these offers and shares this commission with app partners, providing a new incremental revenue stream.

Partners can choose to split this commission with their customers in different ways depending on their objectives. It could be through a cash back wallet, or they could convert cash to charity donations or green initiatives to support ESG programmes.

What skills do you need to use it?

Very few. Kindred’s solutions are white labelled offering an SDK with an API that app publishers can easily integrate into their existing apps. It also offers a user-friendly dashboard making it intuitive and easy for both app partners and seamless for end users.

How much does it cost?

The Kindred SDK and API are both free for brands to incorporate into their apps, making it low risk and providing a low barrier to entry.

The company also offers tailored solutions suitable for different organisations across a range of industries. Solutions include mobile app monetization, mobile game monetization, mobile network monetization, charity app monetization, and mobile keyboard monetization. Kindred works closely with its partners to deliver solutions that meet the objectives of the app publisher.

What benefits have users discovered?

The core benefits it seems to deliver are a reward for users and an additional revenue stream for the app publisher whilst requiring little up-front investment. By offering another means for engagement, it also claims to improve app engagement, monthly average usage, and support churn reduction by promoting loyalty and customer value.

This minimal upfront investment means that ROI is achieved quickly. Rather than a product that businesses must invest time and money in, Kindred offers a low maintenance alternative revenue stream whilst delivering value for its users.

As an example of what can be achieved, Kindred have launched with O2 and have provided its customers with a sustainable shopping feature, which is activated from their My O2 app. Kindred’s solution will allow O2 customers to receive discounts from over 50,000 online retailers. Using these discounts they will also earn credit towards sustainable initiatives, such as reforestation or carbon off-setting, which directly contributes to O2’s new sustainability strategy – The Better Connections Plan.