Launching a new mobile app? These 8 tips will ensure success

Launching a new mobile app? These 8 tips will ensure success

Today, mobile apps are in fierce competition as more and more brands realise their potential value. However, it’s also getting harder to convince consumers to download and use yet another app. To successfully launch and market an app, marketers need a sound strategy.

Here are 8 tips every digital marketer should bear in mind when launching a new app:

1. What is your purpose?

Before promoting a new app, a brand must define exactly what its app’s purpose is and what it wants to achieve. Ask yourself: why did you develop an app and how will it help users? What user and revenue numbers do you need to achieve to consider the app a success?

Define your KPIs and set clear goals before launching any marketing campaign.

2. Create a viral loop referral campaign

Many consumers make decisions based on personal recommendations. Dropbox used this fact to grow its user base by more than 3,900% via creating a viral loop referral programme.

Most consumers have several apps already, so give them a good reason to download yours – consider incentives such as limited-time offers, cashback, or discounts.

3. Send a welcome message

Did you know that 77% of daily active users abandon an app within the first three days after installments, while 25% of installed apps are never used? To prevent this, send a welcome message to hook users in and make a good first impression.

4. Think multi-channel

A good marketing strategy will involve a range of channels, based on user preferences. Whether that’s email, SMS, or web notifications, a multi-channel strategy ensures you reach customers wherever they are.

5. Create content

Instead of paid channels, many successful apps use blogs to generate traffic, which then converts into downloads.

Build content around the different stages of the user journey. For instance, what are users' frequently asked questions? A keyword research tool can help to find topics that generate search volume.

Capitalise on this traffic with email capture forms or blog posts containing a ‘call-to-action’ to download the app.

6. Use social media

A strong social media presence is essential for mobile apps. Brands should create consistent posts and interact with users to increase app downloads.

Influencer marketing is particularly effective. Partner with influencers in your industry with a large, engaged audience who can create organic social media posts or publish sponsored blog posts. Influencer marketing is usually cheaper than traditional strategies, making it attractive for mobile app launches.

7. Use affiliate marketing

Set up an affiliate programme to turn your fanbase into marketers. With a solid offer, brands can get users to promote content through their channels in exchange for affiliate points or rewards such as in-app incentives, bonuses, or cash.

8. Use the right tools to retain users

To ensure users stick around and engage with your products after trying an app, marketers should consider push notifications. These can create personalised messages so that the app does not feel generic and helps to build trust and loyalty with customers.

Brands looking to make their app a success should work through these steps. While not every measure will be successful, over time marketers will develop a strong sense of what works best with their target audience.