How restaurant brands aim to make a success of Valentine’s day

How restaurant brands aim to make a success of Valentine’s day

As Valentine's day approaches, so too do the campaigns to get happy couples to celebrate or book a spot in restaurants. This year, Valentine's day falls on a Friday, so restaurants should be braced for a busy weekend.

International brands like KFC, Starbucks and Krispy Kreme have had their Valentine's day offers underway for a while now.

In the US, Krispy Kreme is giving customers 12 free 'Share The Love' Valentine's day cards with each dozen doughnuts purchased. And each card includes a coupon for one free doughnut. The website is full of the promotion (see main image). This rewards the buyer and the receiver – and it's unlikely anyone can go into the store to get their doughnut without coming out with more.

The good news is that it isn't too late for you to get a Valentine's promotion in place for your restaurant.

Here are our tips at Givex on how to get your customers to fall in love with your restaurant.

Create a limited-edition Valentine's menu

Brands use the term ‘limited-edition’ to develop urgency in customers to purchase their products – a prime example of this method in action is Starbucks with its ‘Summer Drinks’. And it's the most obvious place to start for Valentine's day.

If it's too late to create new dishes, change up existing favourites – display them in a heart shape or serve them on a sharing platter to make it easier to share between two. You could even offer half and half dishes, so each person can try what the other person is having. You could also serve special pink and red coloured drinks – it'll make a great photo for Instagram.

Create dishes that will make a great photo for Instagram and grow brand awareness

Create offers for singles

Not everyone has a partner, so couples-only deals will automatically alienate potential diners. Why not show them some love by creating singles-only (or friendship group) offers? You could offer free delivery on odd-numbered meals or offer a discount on odd-numbered drinks. It will make those without a partner feel special and could also entice couples to order more food and drink!

Track your customer's orders

Having a fully automated loyalty programme in place will help you get special offers up and running in no time. Once customers register, they will continue to give you more data about their purchases. That means you can create personalised promotions. For example, you can provide a free appetiser or discount on their favourite drink for the night – which you'll know if they're part of your loyalty programme.

Being prepared for special days is key to making them a success. Once you use these tactics once, you can use them again on other special days in the calendar, too – so why not start now?