How LADbible Group keeps its audiences engaged in surprising ways

How LADbible Group keeps its audiences engaged in surprising ways

One definition of innovative could be: surprising. On that basis, some recent, award-winning campaigns by LADbible certainly qualify the brand to be in our Innovation 50 list, as well as the fact that the work has just been so, well, clever.

Founded in 2012, LADbible Group has evolved along with its audience over the last decade and now has a huge global following of 300 million people through its social content. This gives the brand the potential to have a massive impact around the world. It has harnessed this potential through some impressive cause-related campaigns in recent years.

Chris Grabowski, Creative Director, Cirkle, highlights two campaigns that have redefined both what LADbible is about and what it can achieve.

“If I think of the top cause-related campaign from the last few years, two of the best have come from LADbible; Illegal Blood Bank, and Trash Isles,” says Chris.

Illegal Blood Bank

In 2019, ‘Illegal Blood Bank’ saw the brand launch the world’s first blood bank that addressed prejudice against gay and bisexual men.

With 1.4 million units of blood required to meet the needs of patients in England alone, LADbible set out to highlight the fact that UK law still prohibited gay and bisexual men from donating blood unless they abstained from sex for three months prior to donation. The brand’s ‘illegal blood bank’ campaign highlighted the discriminatory law by accepting donations ‘at a secret location’ and raising masses of awareness in the process.

‘Trash Isles’, the year before, saw the brand create a country in the ocean out of plastic rubbish to highlight how much plastic waste we throw into our seas (in the Pacific alone, plastic trash covers an area the size of France).

AMV BBDO’s campaign for LADbible and Plastic Oceans Foundation scooped awards at Cannes that year.

Chris says that both initiatives were, “Very sharp campaigns that cleverly change your perspective of the brand. They are acting in a way that you just wouldn't have expected from them, and evolving in how they campaign in the same way that their audience has changed and grown up.”

An engaging brand

Founded in 2012, the LADbible group is focused on a global, social generation that it feeds with entertainment and breaking news. The group includes SPORTbible, GAMINGbible a content agency called Tyla and licensing arm branded CONTENTbible.

It has built a brand around authentic, shareable stories in the form of editorial, video and documentary content that engages its community for the purpose of entertainment or to inform on social issues.

Its incredible cause-related campaigns also make it a Just.Marketing Innovation 50 company.