Vast majority of marketers say email maintains connection between brands and consumers during covid

Vast majority of marketers say email maintains connection between brands and consumers during covid

A poll of 1,000 global marketing leaders and 200 email marketers has found that 88% believe investment in email during the covid crisis has been effective. Email delivery and analytics platform SparkPost conducted the research for its ‘Email in 2021’ report.

Despite the challenges faced by consumers, the study found levels of engagement with email remained fairly stable during 2020.

The report speculates that alongside changes to global privacy and the fact that first-party data is about to become even more valuable, the stage is set for greater investment in email marketing.

This was supported by the poll finding that 58% of global leaders said email marketing efforts drove value and positive impact to their business.

The impact of covid on email by verticals, ranging from Medical to Automotive sectors, showed some nuance. Travel and Retail were obviously impacted negatively but volumes for Media, Government/Charities and Food Service were up.

Email trends for 2021

Looking to 2021, trends that began in 2020, such as taking a stance on global issues via email, will continue, says the report and several creative and content innovations will fuel its effectiveness and power of engagement.

Among the innovations that the report highlights are AMP and Dark Mode. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) offers the potential of a rich, dynamic experience in email without the need to download an additional app (although it is challenging to implement as it is resource-intensive).

Dark Mode (a light-on-dark colour scheme) as a trend is sweeping the entire digital experience across all interface types. For email, SparkPost says, ‘it’s a stunning standout in the crowded inbox for users that have enabled dark mode in their email.’

With GDPR in Europe and other privacy regulations taking off worldwide, the report reminds practitioners to be mindful of the residency of recipients during campaigns.