Research shows half of B2B marketers are struggling to drive multi-channel campaigns

Research shows half of B2B marketers are struggling to drive multi-channel campaigns

B2B marketers are struggling to create and deliver multi-channel campaigns that successfully align with their marketing strategy. This is despite an understanding that the ‘Integration Imperative’ is critical to achieving marketing goals, maximising exposure with target audiences and boosting return on investment.

This is the key finding of research by B2B communications agency Skout.

The agency surveyed 100 senior UK marketing professionals and found that 63% feel they are not taking advantage of the different marketing channels available to them. Meanwhile, 46% struggle to integrate channels, claiming that this is the biggest obstacle to successfully delivering their marketing activities.

Content failure

Failure to create content that can actually be used across multiple channels was also identified as a challenge to successful integrated marketing.

As many as 40% of marketers don’t reuse content because they feel that it’s unsuitable for other formats, while 35% are concerned that content has lost its value after its initial use and don’t believe it can be used again.

Another 32% blame ineffective campaign planning for not reusing content, suggesting that many marketers don’t fully consider their goals and objectives before developing content programmes.

Interestingly, 42% of marketers agree that using multiple marketing channels is the most important aspect of campaign integration. In comparison, 40% believe it’s the need for marketing and sales alignment and for 36% the imperative is good teamwork. Despite this, respondents admitted to not using content effectively.

As an example, 85% of marketers think that case studies should be created for use across many channels for maximum impact. This could include video, podcast, website testimonials, long form PDFs and press stories all from one source. However, many felt these crucial content assets are significantly underutilised.

Most believe PR helps SEO

The majority, 80% of marketing professionals, agree that PR is a vital element of improving SEO and link building alongside building targeted brand awareness. What’s more, 87% also agree that developing a PR programme can improve social media performance.

However, 57% still struggle to integrate PR, social media, SEO and link building when planning and strategizing. Over half of respondents understand the value of integrating channels – both online and offline – but many don’t know how to do it effectively, or feel that they can convey a consistent message across all outlets to achieve campaign goals.

When it comes to identifying the things holding them back from improved integrated marketing, 97% identified training, skills and budgets. Only 16% feel that they are equipped with sufficient training and skills, while just one in five believe that they have the adequate budget in place to support integrated marketing.

About the research

The research was conducted by market research firm Sapio and surveyed the views of 100 marketing decision makers in the UK.

Respondents were made up of decision makers with a range of job titles including: CMOs (30%), marketing/comms directors (26%), marketing/comms managers (14%), marketing/comms executives 9%.

Of the businesses surveyed, 62% have an annual turnover of £10m but less than £25m and 38% have a turnover above £50m.