Companies struggle to see the value in B2B content marketing, new research reveals

Companies struggle to see the value in B2B content marketing, new research reveals

Marketing departments should be concerned. A new study commissioned by digital content marketing company Turtl has found that 94% of firms face challenges generating meaningful insights from marketing-created content and experiences.

This has tended to leave the overall value of marketing in doubt, says the report.

The research, conducted by Forrester Consulting, also found that 42% of companies lose feedback and insights during content delivery because marketing is disconnected from the process of delivering the content.

Marketing – not a key driver of business growth

There is also a disconnect between Marketing and Sales functions. The report says that Sales departments are 21% less likely than marketers to say that marketing is the key driver of business growth.

Nick Mason, CEO and Founder, Turtl, says, “There is a common and often overlooked problem with the vast majority of content marketing. Modern businesses are driven by data and insights, but marketers continue to deliver content in outdated and obsolete formats, like PDFs, that offer no insights once the content has left the inbox.

“This makes it very difficult to ascertain how the content has actually performed and how it has been received by the audience, which is clearly damaging the sector’s reputation. It’s vital that marketers keep pace with modern business practices, if we are to stay relevant.”

Some good news

Despite these findings, the report says marketers do have some reasons to be cheerful.

Departments which have implemented interactive content, that provides buyer insights, generally found that it improved lead generation processes (48%), led to higher conversion rates (42%) and raised the profile of marketing within the business (48%).


The study concludes: ‘Marketing struggles to deliver buyer insights from content that help the sales process and is therefore not seen by sales leaders as a key driver within the business. A number of challenges around deriving and structuring insights from content hinders efforts to support sales with the buyer behavior insights they need to close business.’

It goes on to advise: ‘Interactive content experiences can help overcome these challenges. By offering valuable buyer behaviour insights, these experiences can unlock business growth through better lead generation and nurturing and raise marketing’s profile in the firm. Content marketing platforms accelerate success by improving content performance and ensuring its effectiveness.’