The campaigns that smashed the Just.Marketing Awards 2021

The campaigns that smashed the Just.Marketing Awards 2021

It was a great year for the Just.Marketing Awards with some truly inspiring work. Here are the highlights of the winning campaigns that were recognised.

One Fifty Consultancy’s influencer campaign for accountancy software provider Sage scooped the Best B2B Campaign category with the launch of brand campaign ‘Boss It’. Targeting micro and small business owners as well as those who dream of one day becoming their own boss, the campaign pushed brand share of voice from 40% to 50%. The judges loved the way that taking a consumer route to market not only smashed earned reach targets but also put the brand in a new light.

Carmaker Mazda UK won the Best Content Marketing award. Once again, One Fifty Consultancy was behind the work that used social to target middle class families with up to two children using content on ‘staycations’ for its all-new CX-30 model. A short film created at luxury glamping site Luna Domes was seeded across social channels led by key influencers so that very quickly the test drives were rolling in.

Trinity Square in Gateshead Town Centre stormed the Best CSR category. A family-friendly shopping centre, Trinity Square plays a vital role in a community with high levels of deprivation. As covid hit, public safety and awareness became its priority. So with each flux of the pandemic, on-site creative and community engagement strategies changed to guide visitors on new safety measures. A social media campaign, #TrinityCares ran on Facebook and Twitter, as these are important channels for visitors. Judges praised how footfall had remained steady throughout and even increased by 35% above 2019 rates as restrictions were lifted.

Global professional services company Genpact triumphed to win Best Integrated Campaign. The 10 Group’s innovative approach for Genpact around its partnership with Envision Virgin Racing involved sculpting a seven tonne racing car out of frozen rainwater near Tower Bridge to highlight Genpact’s climate change commitments [see main image]. Judges recognised how, at the same time, the campaign successfully highlighted Genpact’s involvement with the Formula E racing team through precision performance analytics. ‘Melting Point’ generated acres of coverage globally with a potential global audience reach of 365 million.

The Best Use of Data and Insights in a Campaign gong was scooped by Hotwire for its work with telecoms service provider NTT Ltd. It was based around research to identify accounts at different stages in the buying cycle and present the data visually for sellers. Its creative response included overlapping first party intent data with website engagement activity to give a 360 degree view on intent for the first time. Their outstanding work enabled NTT to secure several new business wins and won high praise from the judges.

Green Cola won Best Use of Influencers in a Campaign with One Fifty Consultancy’s ’21 Day Challenge’. Influencers were recruited with no payment beyond the product to spend 21 days giving up colas that contain aspartame, sugar, phosphoric acid and other preservatives by switching to Green Cola, which is free of these ingredients. The aim? To convert followers by documenting their journey. It reached 2.5 million people up to six times each, transforming attitudes to cola in the process.

How do you get a totally new start-up to set the tone at a leading industry event in its sector? The answer lies in how Babel won Best Use of Branded Experiences for TelcoDR at MWC21. Babel created clear but controversial – even disruptive – strategies to help TelcoDR CEO Danielle Royston create a huge impact on the issue of helping telco providers to move to the public cloud. Her frank views were used to create a range of content at the MWC21 event. The judges loved the strategy and how TelcoDR spokespeople were booked up the whole week with customer, media and analyst meetings. It generated 700 pieces of coverage with 76 hitting tier-one business and trade publications. Not bad for a completely unknown brand.