What used to divide the creative industries now unites us

What used to divide the creative industries now unites us

The creative industries have never had more in common – or indeed competed so fiercely – than they do today. And that’s why the PRCA, as the largest PR and communications association in the world, is thrilled to be a partner of Just.Marketing.

The blending of disciplines that we have seen for at least a decade has transformed the professional services landscape. Clients expect one-stop shops, and have become agnostic about the strict dividing lines which we used to embrace, and which used to divide us.

In my view, this creates tremendous opportunities for us all, and certainly the past ten years have seen double-digit growth become the norm for PR agencies. Given the tumultuous times in which we operate, with economic, political, and social instability around us all – and all around the world ­– that is remarkable.

Trends and insights

These are trends which Just.Marketing will address, analyse, and provide insight into, drawing on thought leadership and research. The PRCA will also provide our perspective, both when the PR experience is the same, and when it stands in contrast.

What are the issues we identify?

The war for talent is full-bodied, and is certainly fought between different strands of, and employers within, the creative industries. We all know that we sell ideas. We sell stories. And above all we sell people. So finding and keeping the right people is critical.

Shared experience

My industry’s experience here – and I believe that of the other parts of the creative world – is that we simply do not pay people enough. And at the heart of that is the simple truth that although progress has been made, too many still treat evaluation as an afterthought. We have worked long and hard to address this in PR, and I believe that Just.Marketing will make a contribution to doing so in marketing.

Gender pay gap

We know also that we all have a problem with the gender pay gap, and with providing sufficient support and flexibility for returning mums. At the PRCA, we calculate and publish our own gender pay gap, and we have provided the industry with a tool to do likewise. Transparency is key here, and our industry should go above and beyond what the law compels, and instead do what is morally right.

Mental health

We also know that mental health is a problem that is only just being acknowledged. Our data shows us that a very clear majority of PR practitioners suffer from a mental health issue at some point – and that sadly this is often kept secret, or not addressed even if it is acknowledged. So collectively we need to address this.

But even with all of these vital challenges in front of us, my overall attitude is an overwhelmingly positive one.

There have never been better days to work in the creative industries. Marketing and PR is blossoming. The fundamental truth is that our best days lies ahead of us. And the PRCA and Just.Marketing are delighted to make our joint contribution, travelling with the creative industries on that journey.