Inside the 5 key elements of successful digital transformation for brands

Inside the 5 key elements of successful digital transformation for brands

Depending on where you are as a company, it’s common to look at competitors and assume they are in a much better position than you in achieving real digital transformation. This is rarely the case.

Change doesn’t always come easy, but we all have the power to truly transform for the better and simple tactics can help further this.

Conduct a digital health check

It’s important to first understand what digital stage your company is at. Apply user research methodologies to gather information about where you are as a business or service provider, as well as conducting a competitor analysis to see the differentiators you hold. You will likely be pleasantly surprised at the findings and inspired to discover the areas to push for change and innovation.

Doing this kind of digital health check should be a regular fixture and provides a helpful route in planning for goals aligned with your company values.

Get everyone involved and celebrate the changes

Put structures and practices in place that support transformation – this could mean removing hierarchical structures to encourage wider company involvement and avoiding slow decision-making and bottlenecks. It could also mean dedicating a set time each week to brainstorm new ideas which in turn can be key in building an inclusive company culture and a healthy environment for celebrating change.

Inviting employees at all levels to contribute keeps everyone aligned and excited to be a part of the positive change. It’s also crucial to lead by example – employees need to see the board or senior teams demonstrating real support for change and championing new initiatives and behaviours.

Celebrating change needs to be part of the company mindset, and it has to engage the entire workforce. No matter how small the milestone, take the time to acknowledge it and really show employees what the outcome is and how that ladders up to the core strategy. This helps remind everyone of the bigger picture and how everyone is on the journey together.

Remember your values

Your values are the fundamental pillars for all business decisions and lay the path in the right direction of change. Technologies change and evolve but your company values root you and should sit at the core of your decision-making. Everything you do is led by that ‘north-star’, which all your employees and customers should know about you and champion. Beyond the service you provide or product you sell, these values and purpose are why people stick with you.

Find the right mindset

Digital transformation is a marathon not a sprint (no pun intended). It is important that you work on getting the whole company to adopt the same mindset, always moving forward despite the bumps on the road.

At the same time, the destination is simply a line on the horizon – there is no end point because goals evolve as the company grows, which is why celebrating the milestones is so important to keep people motivated. By empowering employees and customers and educating on the values and reasons for change, it creates the perfect mix for business growth, pushing it to where it needs to be.

Prepare for delays

Setting deadlines is always a good idea but a key part of the digital transformation process is to be able to deal with delays. Being agile helps in dealing with delays however these may not just be technical.

An environment that champions constant change takes time to build. Understanding the nature of delays, planning contingencies and being able to learn from mistakes is crucial for successful transformation and following the plan.

Lastly, ensure you are transparent and always communicating with your stakeholders. People will only support you and your goals if they trust you. Allow these two principles to be at the root of anything you do, and you will have the right foundation to enable transformation.