Dawn McGruer, one of LinkedIn's top marketing influencers, on her Dynamic Digital Marketing Model

Dawn McGruer, one of LinkedIn's top marketing influencers, on her Dynamic Digital Marketing Model

If you’re wondering who has the global number-one profile on LinkedIn in the social media and digital marketing industry, look no further. Dawn McGruer, author of ‘Dynamic Digital Marketing’ published this month, has consistently been ranked among the top 1% for years.

With over 20 years’ experience running Business Consort (now accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Digital Marketing Institute), a company she launched at the age of 21 with a £5,000 Prince’s Trust loan, she is an author, multi-award winning speaker and trainer in digital skills.

Her new book, ‘Dynamic Digital Marketing’ (her first was published 20 years ago), is released this month. A distillation of her wisdom and experience gained in business, in areas from search engine optimisation to brand-boosting strategies, it focuses on helping entrepreneurs and marketers generate revenue from their digital marketing. Her methods are broken down into eight practical ways to market a business online.

Just.Marketing caught up with her a week before the launch to find out more about the book and its author.

Where did your idea for the book come from?

“It stemmed from the Direct Digital Marketing model, which we created at the Digital and Social Media Academy. I’d just won best speaker in 2018 so I thought I just want to get the message out. I wanted to write it in a very human way that demystifies the subject. I want to inspire people of any age and at any stage; so someone new to digital marketing could pick it up as could an experienced digital marketer. But the book idea came from the model.”

Can you explain the Dynamic Digital Marketing Model and how it works?

“It’s a trademarked model that consists of eight powerful ways to market your business online. It covers eight key channels, from social and SEO to content marketing to market a business. We’ve trained around 27,000 people at the Digital and Social Media Academy.

“The model was created by looking at the obstacles clients face and how to overcome them. In the majority of cases, obstacles included not knowing what the priorities were, in which order to do things, and what to do each day to have the greatest impact on the business. The model shows you the order of things to do and how to ramp up your activities. That became the chapters of the book. Each chapter has the most recent tools - free tools, and a checklist. So it is created to be used as a reference; I want people to come back to it, not to just read it and put it on the shelf.”

What is the single most important idea in your new book?

“It’s about forming deeper connections by standing out from the crowd and connecting in more personal ways, humanising your posts and stepping out from behind the corporate branding and showcasing the people and figure heads that make up the brand or business on social media; and building a community.”

Can you highlight some common pitfalls in digital strategies – something you cover in the book?

“If you don’t start with a goal and a plan, that’s a common mistake. You need a strategy in which you can understand what success looks like and can measure the return on your efforts.”

When and where did you start your career?

“My career started when Google launched. I was 21 in 2000. I wrote my first book 20 years ago. My background was in programming but I studied Marketing and Business too and then started working on websites, starting my own agency at 21. I was asked in early 2000 to build a virtual network for an exhibition through Business Consorts and after the exhibition we had about 50,000 people in this community and people wanted to know – what comes next?”

Dawn is an award-winning public speaker

What has been your career highlight so far?

“The book has to be one of them because, for so long, I’ve had much of this in my head and trying to impart it all is hard on a training course. I had also always travelled and given talks so being recognised in 2018 with the Best Female Speaker at The Professional Speakers Awards was a pinnacle for me. My Digital Marketing Model also won Best Solution Framework that night. Especially being a woman, being recognised in this way meant a lot. It was after winning these awards that I thought I should get my second book out.”

What do you believe will be the biggest trend in digital marketing in 2020?

“At the moment, instead of everyone trying to dilute themselves on a variety of channels, we are seeing people becoming masters of one. So for example, people are aiming to become influencers on LinkedIn or Facebook by building up a tribe or community there.

“Figureheads of the business are building deeper connections with their community and this is humanising the brand. That’s a key change for 2020. For so long now, big brands have sat on their laurels; but there is no monopoly online. So everyone is having to think about their relationship with the consumer more.”