How effective is LinkedIn as a marketing channel?

Location: Virtual Event
Organiser: Just Marketing
Cost: Normal £39.99 + VAT

LinkedIn has become a key channel for B2B marketers but few people are using it as effectively as they could. This seminar will show you the techniques, the content platforms and the strategies to improve your LinkedIn performance.

4.00 pm

Intro and Welcome
Chairperson introduction, Ben Smith, founder PRmoment and co-founder Just Marketing

4.05 pm

Why LinkedIn Works as a B2B channel
Kinda (Hajaj) Jackson, managing director, digital & influencer, Brands2Life

  • How LinkedIn enables excellent audience segmentation and targeting
  • Why LinkedIn should not be thought of as “just another social network”
  • How content on LinkedIn needs to be even more audience focussed
  • Why you can get better audience engagement on LinkedIn
  • Why organic content can still do really well on LinkedIn

4.25 pm

Marketing on LinkedIn: What works
George Cathcart, social lead, Threepipe

  • How to set up the various Linkedin channels correctly
  • Understanding how and how not to use LinkedIn Groups
  • Why LinkedIn must complement other channels
  • What type of content works well on LinkedIn
  • Why you should think of paid on LinkedIn as the final piece in the puzzle
  • Why LinkedIn remains an expensive channel of paid social
  • Balancing short term and long term objectives on the platform

4.45 pm

Maximising LinkedIn as a Broadcast Platform
Pete Mitchell, group managing director, Though The I

  • Top tips for hosting a live stream virtual event
  • Maximising your streaming effectiveness!
  • How to engage existing networks
  • How to develop leads from your network
  • Measurement & ROI

5.05 pm

Case Study: How payment provider ACI targeted CTOs at tier 1 banks through LinkedIn
Nicola Pestell, director, Octopus Group

5.25 pm

Understanding the content ecosystem of LinkedIn
Bian Salins, Leading EMEA and LATAM for Content Marketing Consulting, LinkedIn

5.50 pm

Close of event


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